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Fallout Chapter 6 "Endgame" COMPLETE 
13th-Oct-2014 02:28 pm
FMA RoyxEd Wheee!!!
Title: Fallout
Pairing: HavocxRoy, hints at one-sided KimbleexHavoc, plus we finally find out who gave Breda the hickey
Rating: R
Timeline: First anime-based but so very AU
Word count: 4424
Summary: Havoc, Roy, and others do what they must to survive in the wake of unspeakable horror...
AN: Please note: **This story will contain scenes of gore, character deaths, and sex.  (But not sex with dead characters, I promise.)  Oh, and zombies.  Lots and lots of zombies.**

Chapter listing is here.

“Don’t forget your promise.”
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