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I'll follow my colonel anywhere!
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9th-Mar-2010 04:16 am - hi all!

new person here, love love LOVE the art and fics i've seen and had to contribute some of my own ^_^

22nd-Feb-2010 01:33 am - New Havoc/Roy DeviantArt group
Jean and Roy. Steps.
Hey, I've founded a Havoc/Roy fan group at deviantart:

Please join it and submit all your pretty Havoc/Roy arts and fics and photos, so that all the fangirls and fanboys might view them and rejoice.
20th-Feb-2010 11:24 pm - fanart
Undie Taker
I did another little doodle last night of some implied HavocRoy. I hope you guys like it :D

Wenn du verlasst...
20th-Feb-2010 01:11 pm - FMA: Havoc x Roy "To Be There Now"
ED Heart
Title: To Be There Now
Author: Prolificmuse
Theme #9: Siblings for 55themes
Genre: Angst, Character introspection.
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13ish.
Pairing: Jean Havoc x Roy Mustang
Summary: A Sequel to “It Was Just a Fling.” One night, Havoc is looking out the window thoughtfully, remembering who taught him his signature escape.
Notes: First line is not mine, belongs to a Carissa's Wierd song, “so you wanna be a superhero.” Also, this is the first Havoc/Roy fic I've written in about three and a half years, and the damn tense kept trying to change near the end. Headache! In any case, more in this vein are planned as of now. I am not ready to tackle Roy introspection again yet, but eventually it will come.

(To Be There Now)
17th-Feb-2010 05:45 pm - Valentine's Day fanart
Undie Taker
Some Valentine's fanart I did of Havoc/Mustang a couple days late. Enjoy :)

To my dA...
9th-Feb-2010 03:30 am - Doodle~
Undie Taker
I did a quick shounen-ai doodle of Mustang and Havoc. I hope you like :D

to my dA...
I've been meaning to do this, but I'm rather shy.
But hey! Let's get some posting going on the comm~ xD
Title: The Proper use of Talking-Dirty
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Word Count: 222
Genre: Slash, Male/Male
Rating: 18+
Characters: Jean Havoc, Roy Mustang
Warnings: Oral Sex, Slight Embarrassment
Summary: Havoc had asked Breda for some tips on his 'new relationship'. Never listen to Breda.
( Fake Cut Is Fake )

Title: Off The Clock : Chapter 1
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Word Count: 4,859
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Slash, Male/Male attraction
Jean Havoc, Roy Mustang
Sexual Content, Aggressiveness, slight ooc IMO
Jean decides to teach his Colonel that making love to men can be just as fun as making love to women >3.
Fake Cuuuut~ Why Do You Deceive Me? )

I don't mind CC but I just do this for fun xD;.

20th-Sep-2009 08:42 pm - FMA Beta?
Mustang- Your Mom
I hope this is allowed here. I didn't see that it was in the rules, but if it is, please go ahead and delete it.

I am hoping to find a beta for a project that will be starting very soon.

I am a part of the fma_big_bang challenge, which is essentially that I get 5 months to write at least 15,000 words.

I have the outline- skeleton of my story done. It will be a manga-based, eventual Roy x Havoc pairing, so of course the person would have to know the manga somewhat and not be surprised a a certain last 30's chapter event that affects the story.

I would really like someone who I could talk to through emails and through IMs for more immediate feedback and questions. I have AIM, YIM, and Skype, and will use any of those, and are open to other IM programs others may use.

If anyone is interested, you can make a comment here, send me a PM here, or even better would be to email me- mail (at) (seaweedotter) (dot) (com) Sorry, trying to fool those spambots.

Thanks an advance!
18th-Jul-2009 11:31 am - Tag! Your post is it!
Instead of Necro Commenting I'll mass apologize now and here :B
I'm putting up some tags around here kuz i clicked 'em, and ....nothing! SO, going through the posts and trying to find all the art and fics, there's some tags around here already o_o but they're generally not used.


fic, art, help me please, afiliates and event tag,

xD, I'll add a general event one too in case members can't add tags, as well as "sale" tag too :3. If you can't I'll gladly tag stuff for you :3.
Gonna try and breathe a little life back into this OTP kuz I'll love it forever, I'll like it for always... as long as I'm living my baby it'll be :B.

Totally ripped that line off of a kid's book. *cough*

Okay! Back to tagging! Thanks for your understanding guys :3.
14th-Jul-2009 01:12 am - Doujinshi sale!
Selling approximately 50 Roy/Havoc and Havoc/Roy doujinshi from various circles (Meteorite, Blazefield, Cinnamon, Celeryparsley, Dream Works, Puchi Buru etc.) HERE! Please take a look :3
25th-Jun-2009 09:19 pm - Clear-out sale of Havoc/Roy Doujinshi
made by and for me exclusively. kthx.
Hello everyone! I'm clearing out my house and came across a huge load of FMA doujinshi which I want to get rid of. Selling at flat low prices - all negotiable! Mostly yaoi, some comedy/gag, all popular/hard to find circles (I used to like to make things difficult for myself...). I have a metric TON of Roy/Havoc slash Havoc/Roy doujinshi - please have a look!


Havoc/Roy Doujinshi Clearout Sale!
23rd-May-2009 08:08 pm - Another mod greeting
Disney robin hood
Ok, everyone. I'm Iris. hockeyiris if you want to be technical. Thanks to sporkbotic I have taken over as Brigadier General here, as it were. No miniskirt laws yet.

You may notice that I have changed the journal style. If anyone reads at the community and you have any suggestions about things I should change or add there, please feel free to comment and let me know. I want the comm to be easy to read and navigate.

I am considering the possibility of adding tags to the group. Possibly also some links and affiliates.

This is also the post to make your voice heard. Anything you'd like to see here, let us know. We want this community to be fun, friendly, and alive. To do that, we need your help. This is your comm too, be heard.
23rd-May-2009 04:43 pm - Let's get this party started!
Hello all you HaboRoi Fans out there!! I just wanted to introduce myself!

Firstly, my name is (obviously!) Blackspandex. I'd like to thank the new mod hockeyiris for the opportunity to help out around here and get the love of our two boys back in full swing!

I'll do some brain-storming to see what we can do to all get together again and make this place what it was before, with 222 members as of May 23! I'm SURE some of us can come up with some shenanigans.

I've got a couple ideas I'll talk to hockeyiris about when I can hop back online, but lets here from you guys too~ helps us out, spread the word and the love! HavocRoy is back in business thanks to hockeyiris !
19th-May-2009 11:54 pm - MOD Post
Who wants this community?
1st-May-2009 07:14 am - Happy Sexy Outfit Havoc Day!
Jean and Roy. Steps.
Happy (late) Sexy Outfit Havoc Day!


Title: Yukata
Character: Havoc
Rated: G

And smoking a kiseru, as well!


Title: Culture Shock
Characters: Roy/Havoc
Rated: Hard R
Word Count: 797
Notes: Sort of a post series-AU, not specific to either anime or manga. Just silliness.

''Surely there’s at least one thing you like about this country?''
30th-Apr-2009 05:31 am - Happy Molest Sleeping Havoc Day!
Jean and Roy.  Hold me.
Happy (late) Molest Sleeping Havoc Day!


Title: Now We're Together
Characters: Roy/Havoc
Rated: PG
Notes: Mangaverse!

''I missed this...''


Title: Both Eyes Closed
Characters: Havoc/Roy
Rated: R
Word Count: 867
Notes: Mangaverse; set post-series, might be some minor spoilers. Takes place after All I Needed Was the Rain, but it can stand alone.

''There’s room for both of us, isn’t there?''
29th-Apr-2009 03:43 am - Happy Havoc Gets Lucky Day!
Jean and Roy.  Afterglow.
Happy Havoc Gets Lucky Day! (And lucky you; you get TWO pics today!)


Title: Havoc Gets Lucky - Worksafe Version
Characters: Roy and Havoc
Rated: PG

A picture's worth a thousand words...

Title: Havoc Gets Lucky - Not Safe for Work Version
Characters: Havoc/Roy
Rated: NC-17

''It's HAVOC week, so I get to top!'' :D


Title: You Can Call me Roy (Havoc/Mustang)
Rating, Word Count: NC-17, 1628
Notes: Porn. Without plot.

They tumbled in, mouths together, their lips slick from spit and already red from the force of their desperate kissing.
27th-Apr-2009 11:10 pm - Happy Spank Havoc Day!
Jean and Roy. Wedding bells.
Happy Spank Havoc Day!


Title: How Not to Flirt
Characters: Roy and Havoc
Rated: G

It's an animation today! :D

Click to watch!


Title: Exercises
Characters: Havoc and Breda
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 834
Notes: Very minor first anime spoilers. Standalone fic, but it can be a sort-of mini-sequel to Inspecting the Troops if you want. XD

''Weird thing happened to me today on the way down here.''
27th-Apr-2009 06:22 pm - Fic -- "Music Soothes the Soul"
O hai guys. ^_^ My first time posting here, and my first time writing a Havoc/Roy fic. Nothing too fancy -- really, it could just be taken as a friendship fic, but that's not how I see it -- but it made me feel better when I was all sick and gross, so I figured I would share.

Also, I randomly decided that country boy Jean would know how to play the guitar. Musical country boys are even better than good ol' regular hardworking country boys. ^_^

Title: Music Soothes the Soul
Rating: PG-13, I guess, for one fairly strong swear word. Though middle schoolers have some of the worst mouths ever and say much worse things in the hallway any given day.
Author's Note: Written when I was ill and emo, but surprisingly fluffy(ish). Just some cute to make me feel better about life. I guess more pre-Roy/Havoc than anything.  Maybe I'll continue it? >.> Who knows.

27th-Apr-2009 05:44 am - Happy Lunchtime Havoc Day!
Jean.  Idle hands.
Happy (late) Lunchtime Havoc Day!


Title: NOM
Characters: Roy and Havoc
Rated: G

Get off, Taisa!


Title: Lunch Break
Characters: Havoc, Breda, Mustang
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 562
Notes: I don't think they actually have pizza in Amestris, but hey, let's pretend.

''Havo! Lunch!''
26th-Apr-2009 05:43 am - Happy Strip Havoc Day!
Jean and Roy. First Kiss.
Happy (late) Spy On Havoc Day!


Title: Havoc's Date
Characters/Pairing: Roy, Havoc, and "Solaris"
Rated: PG

Alternate title: 'Back Off Bitch, He's Mine! I'll Scorch Your F*ing Tits Off!'


Title: Oranges
Characters: Roy-centric, with Havoc and Solaris
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 806
Notes: Set during chapter 34 of the manga.

Havoc crossed the sidewalk, waving frantically, face split in a wide grin, holding the flowers aloft by their stems like a flag, and walked up to the most beautiful woman Mustang had ever seen.
25th-Apr-2009 05:02 am - Happy Strip Havoc Day!
Star Trek.  Space husbands.  Busy.
Happy (slightly belated) Strip Havoc day! :D


Title: Let Me Help You With That...
Characters/Pairing: Roy/Havoc
Rated: PG

Shower, Lieutenant? Good idea. Let me help you with that jacket...


Title: Repaying Favors
Characters: Havoc and Roy:
Rated: PG
Word Count: 732

Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc was bone-tired.
25th-Apr-2009 12:24 am - FIC - Thanks, Chief
Fandom: FMA
Rating: R, for nudity
Pairing: Havoc/Roy
Warnings: Hot coffee
Notes: For day 1 of Havoc Week!

Follow the fake cut to my journal!
8th-Apr-2009 04:42 am - Fic - "Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown"
Jean.  Idle hands.
Fic Title: ''Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown''
Characters: Jean Havoc and Roy Mustang.
Rating, Word Count: R, 837
Warnings: Violence. Fighting. War-related breakdown and angst.
Author's Notes: Set during the Ishbalan war. Named after the Stones song. Written for 15_minute_fic.
Jean.  Writing.
Title: What You Deserve
Word Count: 2688
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Jean Havoc-centric. Hints of unrequited Havoc/Roy.
Summary: Colonel Mustang had once told him he didn't believe in hell. Jean was starting to agree.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is © Hiromu Arakawa. I will make no capitol benefit from this.
Notes: Written for fma_fic_contest for the prompt "Sin." Manga spoilers for chapter 38 on, including minor ones from more recent chapters.

Colonel Mustang had told him once, when they’d been drinking at the pub just off base at East City, that he didn’t believe in Hell.
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