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I'll follow my colonel anywhere!

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Welcome to the community dedicated to the romantic and sexual relationship between Jean Havoc and Roy Mustang. :D Feel free to join us, whether you support the pairing as a cute pairing, a crack pairing, or anything else!

1: Please stay on the appropriate subject.
2: Don't join just to promote your own communities and such. Promoting and advertising is okay as long as it's on subject and it's not the only thing you contribute to the community.
3: If you have any fanworks above PG, please rate them properly. Please also use the adult content feature if applicable.
4: Do not steal anything from any of other members here. (Or from anyone anywhere, we hope.) Please ask permission before using anyone else's work and credit them.

If you have any questions, the moderator is hockeyiris.
Also helping out: blackspandex.

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